Suzuki Electronic Speed Sensor Installation Instructions

There are lots of information around connection, electronic speed sensor, information, network node, communications line, and telephone are described inside this installation instruction. The installation instruction gives you things like terminator, sensor, network, instruction sheet, components, and connector.

In this installation instruction the reader can learn description about display, unit, installation, cable, bracket, and connectors. The following are excerpted from this installation instruction:

This instruction sheet tells how to install your Speed sensor and connect it to a NMEA 2000® network using Suzuki Modular Instrument System (SMIS) network components. You must refer to your digital gauge manual for sensor operation instructions. This sensor consists of a paddle wheel module, a red or black female cable connector and a smart module. The cable length from the connector to the smart module is 18 inches (46 cm) and from the smart module to the paddle wheel module is 10 feet (3 meters). The smart module converts speed data from the paddle wheel to the NMEA 2000 data format. This allows any digital gauge, sonar or GPS unit connected to the SMIS network to display the speed. This sensor is designed only fo r use with a NMEA 2000 Network. It must be connected to a SMIS network or it will not function

Giving more content, the installation instruction explains more such as instructions, node, speed sensor, speed, extension cable, and module.

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