TAOS TSL2550 Ambient LIght Sensor with SMBus Interface-Datasheet

Inside this datasheet the reader can find explanation regarding light source, conversion, smbus interface, light emitting diode, ambient, and internal oscillator. Lots of things such as temperature range, the ambient light, protocol, characteristics, and photodiode are described in this datasheet.

The datasheet contains things about optoelectronic, oscillator, infrared light, ambient light, and power consumption. These are grabbed from this datasheet:

Converts Light Intensity to Digital Signal D Infrared Compensation to Approximate PACKAGE D 8-LEAD SOIC (TOP VIEW) Human Eye Response D D D D D D D VDD 1 Companding A/D for Wide Dynamic Range 8 SMBData NC 2 7 NC NC 3 Rejects 50 Hz/60 Hz Lighting Ripple Two-Wire SMBus Serial Interface Single Supply Operation (2.7 V to 5.5 V) Low Active Power (1 mW typ) Power Down Mode Low-Profile Surface-Mount Package 6 NC GND 4 5 SMBCLK Description The TSL2550 is a digital light sensor with a two-wire, SMBus serial interface. It combines two photodiodes and a companding analog-to-digital converter (ADC) on a single CMOS integrated circuit to provide light measurements over an effective 12-bit dynamic range.

Also, this datasheet presents info about light, light sensor, infrared, lux, and ambient light sensor.

Download TAOS TSL2550 Ambient LIght Sensor with SMBus Interface-Datasheet pdf
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