TC77-Thermal Sensor with SPI Interface Datasheet

In the datasheet the reader can read things regarding systems, timing diagram, the temperature accuracy, temperature, and continuous temperature conversion. Lots of info around interface, conversion, the temperature conversion, and temperature sensor are described in this datasheet.

This datasheet contains things regarding operating voltages, current consumption, sensor, temperature accuracy, and temperature range. The following are excerpted from this datasheet:

M TC77 Thermal Sensor with SPI™ Interface Features Description • Digital Temperature Sensing in 5-Pin SOT-23A and 8-Pin SOIC Packages • Outputs Temperature as a 13-Bit Digital Word • SPI and MICROWIRE™ Compatible Interface • Solid State Temperature Sensing • ±1°C (max.) accuracy from +25°C to +65°C • ±2°C (max.) accuracy from -40°C to +85°C • ±3°C (max.) accuracy from -55°C to +125°C • 2.7V to 5.5V Operating Range • Low Power – 250 µA (typ.) Continuous Conversion Mode – 0.1 µA (typ.) Shutdown Mode The TC77 is a serially accessible digital temperature sensor particularly suited for low cost and small formfactor applications.

Additionally, this datasheet tells you information regarding serial interface, communication, the communication cycle, and temperature conversion.

Download TC77-Thermal Sensor with SPI Interface Datasheet pdf
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