TCN75A : A 2-Wire Serial Temperature Sensor

The product sheet presents things like temperature limit, temperature register, configuration register, power, input, bit, microchip, bus, voltage, temperature, register, interface timing, timing diagram, and mode. Lots of info like master, conversion time, current, temperature hysteresis, condition, electrical specifications, open drain, sensor, temperature data, device, switching regulator, data, ambient temperature register, and resolution are presented in this product sheet.

In this product sheet you can get explanation around interface, timing, accuracy, temperature sensor, pointer, technology, ambient temperature, temperature range, time, conversion, configuration, microchip technology, devices, and hysteresis. These are chosen from the product sheet:

Microchip Technology Inc.’s TCN75A digital temperature sensor converts temperatures between -40°C and +125°C to a digital word, with ±1°C (typical) accuracy. The TCN75A product comes with user-programmable registers that provide flexibility for temperature-sensing applications. The register settings allow user-selectable, 0.5°C to 0.0625°C temperature measurement resolution, configuration of the power-saving Shutdown and One-shot (single conversion on command while in Shutdown) modes and the specification of both temperature alert output and hysteresis limits. When the temperature changes beyond the specified limits, the TCN75A outputs an alert signal.

Also, the product sheet explains info about range, interrupt mode, clock, power supply, operating voltage, byte, pin, thermal, output, serial interface, register pointer, significant bits, and temperature measurement.

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