Technical Data Sheet of Ambient Light Sensor SMD Device

In this technical data you can get information related to light, temperature, switching time, saturation, electronics, ambient light sensor, photocurrent, wavelength, and temperature storage. This technical data tells the reader info regarding method, light sensor, saturation output, parameter symbol, supply voltage, specification sheets, specification, and product.

There are lots of information related to reliability test, mobile, output, response, measuring method, reel, unit, device, and current are described inside this technical data. The following are taken from this technical data:

Its Features are ‧Close to the human eye’s response ‧Infrared light wavelength cut off : 400 ~ 700nm ‧Good output linearity across wide illumination range ‧Low sensitivity variation across various light sources ‧Guaranteed temperature performance, -30oC to 85oC ‧Wide supply voltage range, 2.5V to 5.5V ‧Size : 3.2mm(L)*1.5mm(W)*1.1mm(H) ‧Pb Free ‧The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant versionALS-PDIC15-21C/L230/TR8 Ambient Light Sensor Device, consisting of a photodiode and a current amplification IC, is a good effective solution to the power saving of display backlighting of mobile appliances, such as the mobile phones and PDAs. Due to the high rejection ration of infrared radiation, the spectral response of the ambient light sensor is close to that of human eyes.

Also, the technical data presents information such as spectral response, maximum ratings, light source, ambient light, supply, absolute maximum ratings, time, and storage.

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