Technical Information About Five Type Of Oxygen Sensor

In this technical information the reader can get explanation such as sensors, and operating temperature. This technical information contains discussion around sensor, and the heater circuit.

Many info around voltage signal, and heater circuit are described inside the technical information. Below are grabbed from the technical information:

Five Types of Oxygen Sensors Unheated Thimble-type O2 Sensors (LS) Bosch introduced this design in 1976 for feedback fuel control on automotive engines. Titania O2 sensors are used on less than 1% of O2 sensor-equipped vehicles: ’86-’93 Nissan 3.0L trucks ’91-’94 Nissan 3.0L Maxima, 2.0L Sentra ’87-’90 Jeep Cherokee, Wrangler, and Eagle Summit Heated Planar-type O2 Sensors (LSF) Introduced by Bosch in 1997, this O2 sensors uses a laminated flat strip of conductive ceramic, electrodes, insulation, and heater.

Giving more content, the technical information gives you discussion regarding ratio, and circuit.

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