Technical Information for HELLA Rain/Light/Solar Sensor

In this technical information you can get explanation about solar, sensor, and humidity. Many things such as light, and light solar sensor are described in the technical information.

This technical information contains explanation about driver, solar sensor, and light sensor. Here are grabbed from this technical information:

Technical Information Electronics – Rain/light/solar sensor Technical Information Rain/light/solar sensor The use of rain/light/solar sensors in vehicles increases both safety in road traffic and driver and passenger comfort. For example, modules are developed with interior mirror suppliers that integrate other components in addition to the rain / light sensors, such as a solar sensor, a humidity sensor or a camera system. Rain/light/solar sensor Rain/light/solar sensor Integration of camera + rain/ light/solar sensor in the mirror base Hella’s combined rain/light/solar sensor includes the functions for automatic wiper control (rain sensor) as well as automatic light switching (light sensor).

Additionally, the technical information explains discussion about humidity sensor, and rain sensor.

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