Technical Information for Orbital Motors with Speed Sensor

In this technical information you can find things such as motors, pressure, rpm, frequency, and connection. There are lots of explanation like sensor, shaft seal pressure, torque frequency, and speed are described inside the technical information.

The technical information tells us info like dimensions, output, range, speed sensor, and data. These are chosen from the technical information:

Speed Sensor Technical Information A Wide Range of Orbital Motors F301 245 A Wide Range of Hydraulic Motors Sauer-Danfoss is a world leader within production of low speed hydraulic motors with high torque. We can offer more than 3000 different hydraulic motors, categorised in types, variants and sizes (incl. different shaft versions). The motors vary in size (rated displacement) from 8 cm3 [0.50 in3] to 800 cm3 [48.9 in3] per revolution. Speeds range up to approx. 2500 min-1 (rpm) for the smallest type and up to approx 600 min-1 (rpm) for the largest type. Maximum operating torques vary from 13 Nm [115 lbf·in] to 2700 Nm [24.000 lbf·in] (peak)

Also, the technical information contains information such as mounting, hydraulic motors, max starting pressure, and orbital motors.

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