Technical Information for Vishay Ambient Light Sensor

Many explanation like photo resistor, ambient light sensor, applications, and light sensors are explained inside the technical information. The technical information tells us information like sensor, infrared, ambient light sensors, and characteristics.

In the technical information the reader can get explanation related to light, performance characteristics, light sensor, and ambient light. Here are selected from this technical information:

Ambient Light Sensors This document is divided into two sections. The first introduces the fundamentals relating to sensing ambient light and the performance characteristics of Vishay’s portfolio. The second provides numerous examples of ambient light sensor application schematics. Fundamentals Ambient light sensors are used to detect light or brightness similar to the human eye. They are used in applications where settings need to be adjusted to ambient light conditions with a response similar to the human eye. Ambient light sensors are most commonly found in industrial lighting, consumer electronics and automotive applications.

Even more, the technical information contains discussion things like programmable preamplifier, intensity, and sensitivity.

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