Technical Manual for Distance Laser Sensor

Inside the technical manual you can find explanation regarding sampling, interface, distance, sampling time, measurement, measurements, and distance laser sensor. This technical manual tells the reader explanation like return error, laser sensor, digital input, distance laser, accuracy, measuring range, and offset.

Many explanation about laser beam, laser, configuration, input, sensor, instrument, and error are described in the technical manual. These are selected from this technical manual:

Measured distance Target DLS-C(H) FLS-C(H) Measuring reference The DLS-C(H) and FLS-C(H) are powerful distance-measuring instruments for integration into industrial applications. They allow accurate and contactless distance measurement over a wide range using the reflection of a laser beam: Fig. 1 Standard application Key features • Compatible with DIMETIX DLS-C(H) Laser Distance Sensor • Measurement range 0.05 to 500 m • Serial interface (RS232 and RS422) • SSI interface (FLS-C(H) only) • Connection of up to 10 modules on a single RS422 line • Wide range power supply (9…30VDC), heating option (24…30VDC) • Programmable analog output (0/4…20mA)

Even more, this technical manual presents more regarding distance measurement, range, outputs, digital output, distance offset, and parameters.

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