Technical Note About Speed Sensor Requirements for Motor Protection

Many discussion related to motor, motor protection, management, damage time, and timer are presented in this technical note. This technical note presents explanation such as speed, rotor, power, and the speed sensor.

In the technical note you can read info regarding acceleration, rotation, sensor, and power management. Below are some excerpt from this technical note:

g GE Power Management Technical Notes Speed Sensor Requirements for Motor Protection GE Power Management No. GET-8415 Copyright © 2002 GE Power Management A speed sensor is sometimes required for motor protection because the locked rotor damage curve is below the acceleration trace in some motors. In other words, if the rotor is prevented from turning and the motor is energized, it draws current similar to starting current but rotor damage occurs before the typical acceleration time elapses. If the locked rotor damage time is longer than the acceleration time, a speed sensor is not necessary because a simple acceleration timer also protects the rotor.

Additionally, the technical note contains more such as speed sensor, current, rotor damage time, and acceleration time.

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