Technical Note on Oxygen Sensor – Theory and Application

In this technical note we can find explanation about cell, sample, reaction, response speed, temperature, and cell output. This technical note tells the reader info about oxygen, sensor, electrodes, response, and analysers.

Many discussion regarding oxygen sensor, partial pressure, gas, pressure, and zirconia cells are described in the technical note. Below are grabbed from this technical note:

TN 01 Technical Note Oxygen Sensors -Theory and Application Hitech Instruments use one of two types of oxygen sensor in their oxygen analysers. 2 where:R= molar gas constant T= absolute temperature of cell in K F = Faraday constant P1= partial pressure of oxygen in the reference (air in most cases) P2 = partial pressure of oxygen in the sample. – ZIRCONIA AND GALVANIC When using zirconia cells, a sampled gas must be heated to the cell’s operating temperature typically in the presence of platinum.

In addition, this technical note gives you discussion regarding diffusion, diffusion barrier, instruments, zirconia cell, and galvanic cells.

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