Technique for Measuring Flow of Fluid

The literature tells us information regarding techniques, axis, flow, flow measurements, technology, dilution, and data processing. In this literature you can get info related to velocity, observation, analysis, stream, tracer, tracer material, hydraulics, and measurement.

Lots of info about water surface, meter, feed method, stage, current meter, and phenomenon are presented in the literature. Below are chosen from the literature:

Any Engineering or natural phenomenon which deserves and attracts the attention of Engineer needs to be studied before it can be analysed. The word study is meant to mean ‘observations and analysis’. These observations require the measurement of phenomenon and this is where measurement techniques come into picture. It is specially so in hydraulics considering what LEONARDO DA VINCI said about hydraulics. “If you have anything to do with the water, first do the experiment and then ponder about the results”. An experiment means detail recording and measurement of phenomenon. The degree of sophistication depending upon complexity of phenomenon and its importance.

Even more, the literature contains discussion things like method, processing, dilution techniques, concentration, current, turbulence, fitting cabinet, computer, and steady feed method.

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