Temperature Sensor 85026 Series from Robertshaw Industry

There are many information like seat, steel, control pressure, screw, setpoint, temperature sensor, control signal, signal, and indicator are explained inside this product specification. In this product specification the reader can find info related to sensor, stainless steel, tube, bulb, valve, ring, valve spring, and spring.

The product specification tells us information like control, repeat, reverse acting, guide, port, installation, caution, and acting sensor. These are taken from this product specification:

The patented* No. 85026-Series Temperature Sensor contains a two-position valve operated by temperature variations around the integral sensing bulb. It is used to vent or block a pneumatic signal when the setpoint is reached, depending upon the model in use. The sensor has provisions for piped vent operation and is available with a stainless steel thermowell. Correct location is the most important detail of sensor installation. The bulb should be installed at a point of true representative temperature in good circulation with maximum insertion depth. If a thermometer is used, its sensing element should be installed adjacent to the bulb.

Giving more content, the product specification presents information about series temperature sensor, temperature, desired setpoint, maintenance, aluminum, range, housing, and removal.

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