Temperature Sensor Design Guide from Microchip

Inside this design guide the reader can learn explanation such as event output, temperature sensor design, low offset voltage, power supply, band gap temperature, measurement, sensor, metal thermocouples, standard, operating temperature range, programmable trip, control, clear event, equation, general purpose temperature, control logic, temperature, source resistance, order equation, temperature, operating current, point temperature sensor, applications, structure block diagram, resolution, line memory, sensing, device, and output. The design guide gives you things like application, temperature monitoring, digital temperature, temperature coefficient, purpose temperature, low operating current, range, compensated sensor accuracy, memory module, trip point, logic output temperature, mobile platform memory, devices, serial output, platform memory module, current, output temperature sensors, logic output, power consumption, critical event, design, pin, sensor design guide, programmable trip point, silicon, power, design guide, guide, and temperature range.

Many explanation regarding reference temperature, active range, memory, digital converter, offset voltage, in line memory, sensors logic, supply, system, controller, trip lock, point temperature, compensated sensor, output voltage, operating temperature, register device, guide voltage, output temperature, circuit, temperature compensation, measurement range, mobile platform, compensation, ambient temperature, register, sensor accuracy, thermocouple, logic, and trip point temperature are presented in this design guide. Here are selected from the design guide:

There are a number of passive and active temperature sensors that can be used to measure system temperature, including: thermocouple, resistive temperature detector, thermistor and silicon temperature sensors. These sensors provide temperature feedback to the system controller to make decisions such as, over-temperature shutdown, turn-on/off cooling fan, temperature compensation or general purpose temperature monitor. Microchip offers a broad portfolio of thermal management products, including Logic Output, Voltage Output and Serial Output Temperature Sensors. These products allow the system designer to implement the device that best meets their application requirements. Key features include high accuracy, low power, extended temperature range and small packages.

In addition, the design guide gives the reader discussion regarding register pointer, order, hysteresis, module, interface, hard disk drives, bit, sensor design, system controller, shutdown current, address decoder, cold junction compensation, accuracy, module thermal sensor, serial output temperature, monitor range, thermal sensor, point, voltage output, thermistor, voltage output temperature, temperature data, temperature sensor, digital temperature sensor, voltage, temperature accuracy, block diagram, temperature measurement, and temperature sensors logic.

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