Temperature Sensor in Automotive Application – Toyota Motor Sales

Lots of information related to egr temperature sensor, coolant temperature, shorted circuit, engine coolant temperature, ecm, fuel, and coolant are presented in the handbook. Inside the handbook you can get explanation about toyota, temperature sensors, temperature, exhaust gases, engine, resistance, and voltage.

The handbook presents information regarding sensor, signal, temperature sensor, circuit, valve, engine coolant, and toyota motor. These are taken from the handbook:

TEMPERATURE SENSORS Temperature Sensors The ECM needs to adjust a variety of systems based on temperatures. Temperature sensors measure Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT), Intake Air Temperature (IAT) and Exhaust Recirculation Gases (EGR), etc. TEMPERATURE SENSORS Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor The ECT responds to change in Engine Coolant Temperature. TEMPERATURE SENSORS Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Temperature Sensor The EGR Temperature Sensor is located in the EGR passage and measures the temperature of the exhaust gases.

Also, the handbook presents more things like gases, sensors, intake air temperature, temperature sensors, voltage signal, operating temperature, and circuit problems.

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