Temperature Sensor Instruction Manual from Okazaki Manufacturing Company

Many explanation about wire, cables, quality control, metals, temperature control, electromotive force, continuity, thermocouple, insulation, wire configuration, lead, conductor resistance, reference values, force, and temperature sensor are explained inside this instruction manual. This instruction manual presents discussion like protection tube, platinum resistance thermometer, thermometer, installation, conductor, terminal head, voltage, metal sheathed mineral, resistance, connection, metal, instruction, cable, inspection, and control.

Inside this instruction manual the reader can read info related to electrical signals, instruction manual, temperature, lead cable type, mineral insulated type, high accuracy, terminal, constant current, manual, resistance thermometer sensors, resistance thermometer, lower temperature, extension lead, lead cable, and compensation lead. Here are some excerpt from this instruction manual:

Resistance thermometer sensors (RTS), make use of the characteristic that the electrical resistance values of the
metals, semiconductors, etc. Change depending on the temperature. Some of the metals used include platinum,nickel, and copper. There metals all have the common characteristic that as the temperature rises, the resistance value increases. The most widely used resistance thermometer sensors for industrial purposes are platinum resistance thermometer sensors which have a wide working temperature range and
large resistance temperature coefficient. Therrmistors use a semiconductor for resistance change as a function of temperature.

In addition, this instruction manual presents more around reference, thermocouples, temperatures, insulated type, attention, sensor, standard, protection, temperature measurement, resistance measurement, sheathed mineral, platinum resistance, product, measurement, and items.

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