Temperature Sensor SMT 160-30 from Smartefc

Many things about standard deviation, sampling rate, cycle, signal, output, smart temperature sensor, housing, supply, value, and supply voltage are explained inside this specification sheet. This specification sheet presents explanation such as applications, voltage, specifications, micro processor, speed, deviation, range, pin, and sensor.

In this specification sheet we can get information about input, linearity, time constants, sampling, temperature, noise, information, microcontrollers, temperature sensor, and accuracy. These are excerpted from this specification sheet:

The SMT160-30 is a three terminal integrated temperature sensor, with a duty-cycle output. Two terminals are used for the power supply of 5 Volts and the third terminal carries the output signal. A duty cycle modulated output is used because this output is interpretable by a micro-processor without A-D converter, while the analogue information is still available. The SMT160-30 (TO18 model) has an overall accuracy of 0.7 °C in the range from -30 C to +100 °C and an accuracy of 1.2 °C from -45 to +130 °C. This makes the sensor especially useful in all applications where “human” (climate control, food processing etc.) conditions are to be controlled.

Additionally, the specification sheet gives you discussion regarding duty cycle, temperature range, frequency, chip, output signal, equation, processor, digital output, and measurements.

Download Temperature Sensor SMT 160-30 from Smartefc pdf
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