Temperature Sensors and Accessories from Aqua Metro

The product guide contains info related to pockets, wire, cable, sensor pocket, extension, mounting, locking, maximum media temperature, steel sensor pocket, pipe cross section, quantity, temperature sensors, connection cable, matched pairs, brass sensor, stainless steel sensor, and steel sensor. Inside this product guide you can learn description like cross section, installation, technical data, temperature measurement, connecting cable, pocket immersion, insulation, connection, external thread, packaging single bag, wire connection, direct mounting, complete mounting, heat, permissible range, sensor pocket immersion, and length.

There are lots of discussion like temperature, head, complete mounting set, sensor length, pressure, sensor ball valve, temperature pressure, stainless steel, adapter, packaging, extension cable, sensor, pressure rating, copper seal ring, pocket, media temperature, and temperature range are described inside the product guide. Here are some excerpt from the product guide:

Temperature sensors are metrological components for heat or cold measuring points. They are used in pairs and measure the flow and return temperature of the heating or cooling system. The difference between the temperatures is used to measure energy consumption. The benefits are matching hot and cold measurement components from Aquametro ensuring high accuracy over long periods of time and low inventory management with the same temperature sensors used for direct or sensor pocket measurement (DS/PSC).

Additionally, the product guide gives you information such as applications, pulse transmitter, systems, cooling, temperature pressure rating, measurement, pocket immersion depth, temperature sensors description, seal ring face, cable sensors, rating, packaging paired bag, protective tube, cable length, instructions, and steel.

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