Temperature Sensors Handbook from National Semiconductors

The handbook gives you information about thermal management, temperature sensor, power amplifier, systems, board, applications, microprocessor, sensor, reference, supply voltages, lm45, accuracy, block diagram, lm60, power, and amplifier. Lots of discussion such as load, integrated circuit, lm34, lm134, cost, interface, voltage, operating temperature, temperature sensor handbook, personal computers, power consumption, comparator, capacitive loads, voltage reference, and output are explained in this handbook.

Inside the handbook we can read explanation such as fan, power supply, order number, temperature sensing, wire, battery, lm35, heat sink, package number, sensing, self heating, control, connection, precision, devices, and supply voltage. Below are taken from the handbook:

This handbook provides an introduction to temperature sensing, with a focus on silicon-based sensors. Included are several example application circuits, reprints of magazine articles on temperature sensing, and a selection guide to help you choose a silicon-based sensor that is appropriate for your application.

Furthermore, this handbook contains discussion things like circuit, printed circuit board, lm56, temperature, scale, temperature sensing techniques, range, package, control circuitry, temperature range, scale factor, external calibration, circuitry, sensor handbook, and digital converter.

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