Tensile Force Sensor RFS ® 150

This technical note presents things such as output signal, journal, connection, tensile force, voltage, devices, instruments, vector, output, sensor, range, tensile, control voltage, effective measurement, and tension sensor. Lots of info related to control instruments, interference signals, axis, weight, measurement, resultant force, high voltage, shielding, point, protection, geometry, excitation, excitation voltage, connection cable, and overload protection are explained inside the technical note.

Inside this technical note we can learn information about resolution, installation, temperature, angle, transducer, reversing system, load, system, resistance, measurement signal, signal, control, deviation angle, measurement force, and measurement load. Below are some excerpt from this technical note:

The RFS 150 sensor is an engineering component ready for immediate installation in a fixed configuration. It is used for direct measurement of the tensile force prevailing in running wires, optical fibres, cables, ropes, narrow tapes, etc., and may be used in production, laboratory and testing work. The thought behind this new generation of sensors is the concept of making existing deflection or reversing points, already in place in a production line, do double duty as measurement points. This compact sensor thus serves two functions at once: – It measures the tensile force – It acts as the bearing for the reversing idler

Giving more content, this technical note presents more regarding interference, equipment, deflection, force, rated output, simple mounting, cable, force vector, voltage lines, mounting, temperature range, mounting dimensions, tensile forces, and cable shielding.

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