Testing Solutions: Laser Distance Sensor for Quality Assurance

The technical data presents things like measurement, intelligent measuring technology, light beam, control, and laser sensor. Inside this technical data you can learn information such as laser distance, interface, testing, and systems.

Lots of discussion regarding distance, laser distance sensor, sensor, measuring, and laser diode are explained inside this technical data. These are selected from the technical data:

There was a demand for contactfree measuring systems that work accurately and reliably in the industrial environment. Due to the lack of suitable sensory systems on the market, a development project was started with the market launch of our first laser sensor in 1985. The currently available Polaris sensor is a consistent further development that can stand up to any comparison. The laser distance sensor Polaris works on the principle of triangulation and is available in several variations. The durable housing, easy assembly and the quick adaption to measuring systems makes it a reliable sensor under industrial conditions.

In addition, this technical data explains information around data, laser, triangulation, and distance sensor.

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