Texas Instrument LM9040 Dual Lambda Sensor Interface Amplifier-Application Note

Inside this app we can read things regarding application circuit, amplifier, sensor, voltage signal, application, impedance, and cold sensor. Lots of discussion around error, data, output, lambda sensor, voltage, the lambda sensor, and voltage range are presented inside this app.

This app tells the reader things such as input, the oscillator frequency, oscillator frequency, instruments, input voltage, output voltage, and temperature. Below are excerpted from the app:

The LM9040 is a dual sensor interface circuit consisting of two independent sampled input differential amplifiers designed for use with conventional Lambda Oxygen Sensors. The Lambda Sensor is used for monitoring the oxygen concentration in the exhaust of gasoline engines using catalytic after treatment and will deliver a voltage signal which is dependent on the air-fuel mixture. The gain of the amplifiers are internally set and can directly convert the Lambda sensor output voltage to a level suitable for A/D conversion in a system using a 5V reference

Giving more content, the app contains discussion such as temperature range, comparator, frequency, circuit, applications, amplifier output, and voltage divider.

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