The Catalog of Astro II GPS Speed Sensor

In this catalog the reader can read information around gps, sensor, flow meters, electric pump driver, and speed. Many discussion like magnetic speed kit, speed sensor, speed sensors, and radar are presented inside the catalog.

The catalog contains things regarding sensors, servo, interface, magnetic speed, and radar speed sensor. Below are chosen from this catalog:

The Astro II GPS Speed Sensors are a direct replacement for magnetic wheel speed sensors or radars and can interface to most brands of monitors and controllers. The magnetic mount bracket is standard and allows for quick installation and easy transfer from one vehicle to another. Not affected by crop canopies or adverse ground conditions. Astro II for Micro-Trak Astro II for All Raven Astro II for TeeJet

Even more, the catalog explains more such as gps speed sensor, price, speed sensor kit, and application.

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