The Current Sensor D0222i

There are many discussion related to supply voltage, current, element, program, output voltage, multifuse, datalogger, and high resistant state are presented in this product sheet. In this product sheet you can get explanation regarding calibration, range, input current, standard, input voltage, sensor, ground, and output.

This product sheet contains information around measurements, electrical circuits, sensing element, voltage, default calibration, maximum, resistor, and intelligent sensor. Below are excerpted from this product sheet:

The Current Sensor (0222i) is designed for measuring small currents in AC and DC circuits in the range between -500 and +500 mA. It has two banana (4-mm) plugs for easy connection. The sensor contains a sensing element and a signal-conditioning amplifier. The sensing element is a 0.4 Ω resistor (0.3 W) connected between the red and black terminals. As the current passes through the resistor, a small potential difference can be measured across this resistor. This potential difference goes through a signal amplifier and the output of the sensor is adjusted to the range of ±7.5V, which can be measured by an interface. The sensor is protected by a multifuse (resistance of 0.9 Ω).

In addition, this product sheet presents more about signal, information, supply, circuits, terminal, input, and current sensor.

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