The Datasheet of MICROTRAK 7000

This datasheet tells us discussion regarding laser, laser beam, measurement, and digital output. There are many info about frequency response, fiber optic, and instruments are presented in the datasheet.

Inside this datasheet you can find description like system, analog output, sensor, and range. The following are grabbed from the datasheet:

he Most Advanced Laser Displacement Sensor In Its Class MICROTRAK 7000 Built on a 3O-year commitment to noncontact sensing technology T he most advanced laser-based triangulation measurement system in its class, the MICROTRAK 7000 provides high resolution and wide-range frequency response in one, ruggedly built instrument. Whether on the production floor or in the laboratory, the new MICROTRAK 7000 gives you: l l l A wide range of innovative features and performance advantages Simple setup, easy operation and application versatility Superior product quality and total commitment to customer satisfaction

In addition, the datasheet gives you information about response, controller, and frequency.

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