The New Westwind Air Bearings Speed Probe Sensor

The technical bulletin presents discussion about sensor, sensor test, speed sensor devices, operation, bearings, and block diagram. Inside this technical bulletin you can learn description such as voltage, speed sensor, magnetic biased sensor, moving ferrous target, device, output, and probe sensor.

Lots of info such as amplifier, speed, buffer, probe, signal, and supply are presented in the technical bulletin. Below are some excerpt from the technical bulletin:

Due to the obsolescence of the Infineon FP212L100 speed sensor, Westwind Air Bearings has been pro-active in testing alternative speed sensing devices and, after rgorous evaluations, has found a i proven alternative. Westwind has worked closely with Sieb & Meyer throughout the testing and evaluation period to ensure a seamless change over from the historically used sensor. Both the old and new devices are an Analogue sinusoidal differential magnetic biased sensor coupled with an amplifier circuit that switches in response with moving ferrous target (e.g. cut outs in the spindle shaft) with operation frequencies in excess of the existing device. The speed sensor assembly has been designed to fit within the dimension envelope of the old device to prevent any backwards compatibility problems.

Giving more content, the technical bulletin contains more things like test, testing, resistance, reverse polarity protection, load resistance, range, and oscilloscope.

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