The Quick Guide for AR100 Laser Distance Sensor

There are many things related to laser, distance readings, acuitylaser, and measurement are explained inside this quick guide. The quick guide presents explanation such as hyperterminal, distance tracking, and distance.

Inside this quick guide we can find explanation like sensor, distance sensor, laser distance sensor, and analog output. These are chosen from the quick guide:

AR1000 Laser distance sensor- Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide The purpose of this document is to guide users of the RS232 versions of the AR1000 laser distance sensor on the basic start-up and operation of the sensor. A male, 9-pin serial D-sub serial connector can be attached to the serial output wires to interface the AR1000 directly to an IBM-PC compatible 9-pin serial port. Step 3 – Establish Serial Communication Communicate with the sensor with either the AR1000 Demo and Configuration Program (from or use Windows® HyperTerminal (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > HyperTerminal).

Giving more content, this quick guide tells you more around configuration, range, and scale factor.

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