The technical Information for Oxygen Sensor KE Series

This technical information gives the reader info regarding temperature, sensitivity characteristics, sensor, condensation, the ambient temperature, output signal, response speed, and oxygen sensor. There are lots of discussion related to oxygen, pressure, compensation, characteristics, sensors, compensation circuit, and response are explained inside this technical information.

In the technical information the reader can read description related to voltage, oxygen concentration, the liquid electrolyte, liquid electrolyte, ambient temperature, concentration, and output voltage. The following are some excerpt from the technical information:

The KE series sensor is a lead-oxygen battery which incorporates a lead anode, an oxygen cathode made of gold, and a weak acid electrolyte. Oxygen molecules enter the electrochemical cell through a non-porous fluorine resin membrane and are reduced at the gold electrode with the acid electrolyte. The current which flows between the electrodes is proportional t o the oxygen concentration in the gas mixture being measured. The terminal voltages across the t hermistor (for temperature compensation) and resistor are read as a signal, with the change in output voltages representing the change in oxygen concentration.

Even more, this technical information explains information regarding sensor output, the sensitivity characteristics, sensitivity, atmospheric pressure, humidity, electrolyte, and applications.

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