The Temperature Compensation of the Silicon Piezo-Resistive Pressure Sensor

In the paper you can read description about wheatstone, current mode, factor, compensation circuit, resistance, external pressure, piezoresistive pressure sensor, voltage source, value, voltage, constant voltage mode, compensation, temperature, and voltage mode. Many explanation around constant current, constant current source, effect, piezoresistive, compensation method, sensitive resistors, compensation technique, source, sensitivity, direct parallel compensation, output, output voltage, and constant voltage are described inside this paper.

The paper tells the reader info around temperature variation, circuit, compensation circuits, technique, loading effect, bridge, design, constant, mode, average offset, sensor, offset, and piezoresistance. These are grabbed from the paper:

The major factor affecting the high performance applications of the piezoresistive pressure sensor is the temperature dependence of its pressure characteristics. The influence due to temperature variation is manifested as a change in the span, bridge resistance, and offset of the sensor. In order to reduce the thermal drifts of the offset and span of the piezoresistive pressure sensor, a Half-Bridge-Compensating (HBC) technique is presented in this paper. There are many advantages such as the temperature compensation of the sensor (typically lower than 1%), and a simple and low cost application circuit. The theoretical analysis and experimental results show that both the output voltage and zero offset drift are much improved by the first-order HBC technique. The experimental results are matched to our theoretical analysis.

Additionally, this paper presents info things like current, gain, temperature coefficient, piezoresistors, equation, wheatstone bridge, silicon, constant current mode, temperature compensation, pressure, resistors, coefficient, and pressure sensor.

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