The use of full-field Measurement Methods in Composite Material Characterization

There are lots of things about finite element, field measurements, virtual fields method, composite materials, full field measurements, fields, processing, models, electronic speckle pattern, structures, field, and correlation method are described inside the paper. This paper presents information around bending, material, data, destructive testing, surface, strain, methods, measurement, materials, heterogeneous strain fields, displacement field, and digital image correlation.

In this paper you can find information about parameters, plates, mechanical properties, constitutive parameters, analysis, identification, experimental study, interferometry, determination, field measurement techniques, techniques, and strain measurement. Below are selected from this paper:

An overview of the use of full-field measurement techniques for composite material and structure characterization reported in the recent literature is presented in this paper. The features of the main types of measurement techniques are first briefly described. Specific advantages of using these techniques in a context of composite material characterization are then highlighted. Critical issues that require further research and development are finally examined. During the two last decades, the improvement in image processing with microcomputers has caused non-contact
measurement techniques to become more and more popular in the experimental mechanics community. Some full-field measurement techniques like moiré, interfero-
metry or photoelasticimetry were known and used beforehand.

In addition, the paper contains info regarding shear, method, mechanics, testing, composite material, composites, composite, interferometric methods, displacement, fringe pattern, characterization, and measurement techniques.

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