The Validity of Measurement Method in Health and Disease

The handout contains information such as criterion validity, method, statistical methods, questions, criterion, instruments, and depression. Inside this handout you can get explanation regarding technique, content, instrument, validation, measurement, measurement technique, and composite.

Many discussion around disability, score, index, health, methods, questionnaire, and respiratory are presented inside this handout. These are excerpted from the handout:

A measurement technique has criterion validity if its results are closely related to those given by some other, definitive technique, a ‘gold standard’. Most validation of physical measurements is criterion validation. We can either compare our new method to an existing gold standard measurement method, or create an artificial ‘subject’ of known value, such as a radiological phantom. In this area researchers seldom need to use any other approaches to validation. The statistical methods of sensitivity and specificity for a categorical standard and limits of agreement for a continuous standard can be used, together with the usual statistical methods for comparisons of groups and relationships between continuous variables, such as t tests and regression.

Furthermore, the handout contains info things like validity, standard, indirect methods, scale, physical measurements, measurements, and report.

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