Thesis About Contact Angle Measurement Technique for Rough Surface

Lots of discussion like error, characteristic, analysis, and interface are explained inside the thesis. This thesis gives the reader explanation around equation, contact angle measurements, measurement, and scale factor.

In the thesis you can learn info about contact angle, angle measurement, the contact angle, and contact angle measurement. Here are excerpted from this thesis:

Increased transportation fuel costs and environmental awareness has led to an acceleration of research into alternative energy production such as low-temperature fuel cells for automotive use. One of the largest remaining problems facing lowtemperature fuel cells is water management. Improvement of water management in low-temperature fuel cells has led to the investigation of the wettability characteristics of fuel cell components, namely gas diffusion layers, as quantified by the contact angle. Current measurement techniques are not suitable for making accurate contact angle measurements on rough surfaces due to poor optical resolution at the contact line.

Even more, this thesis explains information such as angle measurements, measurements, and surface tension.

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