Thesis About Design of High Accuracy Power Scalable MEMS Sensor Interface

There are many discussion around circuit, noise cancellation techniques, input, interface system, pressure, the input impedance, pressure sensors, amplifier, sensor output, wheatstone bridge, gain settings, and input gain are explained inside the thesis. Inside this thesis you can find things regarding noise, piezoresistive sensor, input resistance, bandwidth, accuracy, piezoresistive pressure sensor, piezoresistive, sensors, gain accuracy, bias circuit, and interface.

The thesis tells you info related to piezoresistive pressure, sensor, signals, frequency, the sensor interface, system, feedback, sensor interface, amplifiers, signal, gain amplifier, and noise cancellation. The following are some excerpt from this thesis:

A TECHNIQUE to improve power scaling efficiency of automotive MEMS pressure sensor interfaces is presented. The overall power consumption of the interface is inversely proportional to the square of the amplitude and directly proportional to the input bandwidth. Power scaling with respect to amplitude is achieved by using a novel technique of cascading gain stages through an input gain-select mux, which scales better than previous approaches. Power scaling with respect to input bandwidth of the sensor is achieved through periodic power-down of the interface. A prototype of the interface was fabricated in a 1.8V , 0.18µ m CMOS process. Its power consumption scales between 4µW − 5.33mW , while maintaining a Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) range of ap- proximately 72 − 92dB,

Furthermore, the thesis presents more such as range, output, amplitude, sensor applications, power consumption, input amplitude, pressure sensor applications, applications, programmable gain amplifier, performance, and pressure sensor.

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