Thesis About Mini PCB Input Sensor and Display Circuits

The thesis gives us explanation about equation, output signal, frequency response, filter, configuration, block diagram, gain, and transfer function. Inside this thesis you can get info such as butterworth filter, supply voltage, design, notch filter, output, high pass filter, and filter circuit.

Lots of explanation such as frequency, ecg output signal, circuit design, pulse, microcontroller, signal, and low pass filter are explained in the thesis. The following are selected from the thesis:

The objective of this MQP was to use analog and other design techniques to build a circuit using one of Analog Device’s new IC’s. After much thought, research, and collaboration, the project chosen was the “Mini PCB Input Sensor and Displ ay Circuits”. This project has two parts: the first being a small, inexpensive, and portable circuit designed to be distributed to high school seniors who attend WPI’s ECE undergraduate recruitment open houses. The second phase is a more complex version of the portable circuit, and would allow the user to connect to a PC via USB and display the output of the various sensors on a computer monitor.

Giving more content, this thesis presents discussion things like pulse circuit, sallen key filter, diagram, pulse signal, circuit, noise, and instrumentation amplifier.

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