Thesis Presentation: Capacitive Sensor Interface Circuits

Inside this thesis presentation you can read explanation around linearity, feedback, single ended sensor, capacitive sensing, nanoscale cmos, sensors, capacitive sensor, technology, and output. The thesis presentation presents info about amplifiers, measurements, capacitance, feedback biasing, approach, gain, signal, current, and interface.

Lots of info such as signal conditioning, circuits, interface circuit, cmos technology, interface circuits, circuit, measurement, sensor interface circuit, and output swing are explained inside this thesis presentation. These are selected from this thesis presentation:

Challenges: Compact circuitry Power efficiency Interface Circuits for Capacitive Sensors 1. High-Z sensing Norton equiv. (a) Simple to implement in CMOS Most efficient topologies available Not seen much for CMUT interface 2. Low-Z sensing Thévenin equiv. (b) Mostly used for CMUT interface 3. Feedback assisted sensing Improves linearity Usually more complex

In addition, the thesis presentation tells us information regarding sensing, sensor interface, current mode, capacitive sensor interface, measurement results, sensor, current consumption, nanoscale technologies, and measurement.

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