Throttle Position Sensor Circuit

This technical information presents info related to throttle valve, air temperature sensor, temperature sensor, sensor signal, voltage, inspection, intake air temperature, and position. In the technical information the reader can get explanation around circuit inspection, opening angle, sensor circuit, throttle position sensor, angle, temperature sensor circuit, and valve opening.

There are lots of discussion about engine, connector, signal, check, terminals, position sensor circuit, engine troubleshooting, and position sensor are presented inside this technical information. The following are some excerpt from the technical information:

The throttle position sensor is mounted in the throttle body and detects the throttle valve opening angle. When the throttle valve is fully closed, the IDL contacts in the throttle position sensor are on, so the voltage at the terminal IDL of the ECU become 0 V. At this time, a voltage of approximately 0.7 V is applied to the terminal VTA of the ECU. When the throttle valve is opened, the IDL contacts go off and thus the power source voltage of approximately 5 V in the ECU is applied to the terminal IDL of the ECU. The voltage applied to the terminal VTA of the ECU increases in proportion to the opening angle of the throttle valve and becomes approximately 3.5–5.0 V when the throttle valve is fully opened.

Additionally, the technical information presents information regarding control, valve, circuit, throttle position, throttle valve opening, throttle, and sensor.

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