Tire Pressure Management System Design Process Report

In this report you can read info about valves, solution, tire pressure, pressure management system, driving conditions, pressure settings, flow rate, tire, components, vehicle’s electrical system, maintenance, interface, decision matrix, rotary seal assembly, and pressures. This report presents explanation such as design criteria, advanced circuits, electrical system, high pressure, solenoid valves, compressor system, vehicle, settings, safety, compressor, design, user interface, pressure setting, and pressure maintenance.

Lots of explanation such as selection, centralized compressor, tire pressures, technical requirements, rotary seal, tire pressure management, hardware, pressure sensor, seal assembly, assembly, monitoring system, management system, electrical design, tire life, and pressure management are described in this report. Here are taken from this report:

ABSTRACT Improper tire pressure is a safety issue that is often overlooked or ignored. A drop in tire pressure by just a few pounds per square inch (PSI) can result in the reduction of gas mileage, tire life, safety, and vehicle performance. To address this problem, an automated system that will alleviate the need for actively maintaining tire pressure was designed. This report documents the design process for an onboard tire pressure management system (TPMS) consisting of a centralized processor, air compressor, air control valves and rotary seals near each wheel.

Furthermore, the report tells you information regarding requirements, inflation, axle, traffic safety administration, centralized compressor system, vehicle safety, axle selection, algorithm, traffic safety, pressure reservoirs, design decision matrix, control, mechanical design, and system.

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