Touch Mode Capacitive Pressure Sensor

Inside this paper the reader can find things about metal thin film, strength, sensor, power consumption, low temperature dependence, sensitivity, anodic bonding, curve, capacitance curve, technical review, dielectric thin film, mode, breakage, and system. The paper presents information such as radio frequency, transponder, layer, monitoring, touch, electrode, process, capacitive pressure sensor, fracture, operating, touching area, curing process, burst pressure, and applied pressure.

Many discussion such as pressure capacitance, cross, toughness, metal electrode, bonding, temperature, antenna, pressure soaking test, surface, capacitance, electrical performances, passive tire monitoring, high burst pressure, and diaphragm are described inside this paper. Below are taken from the paper:

Touch Mode Capacitive Pressure Sensor proposed by Ko, et al. has great potentialities for several applications, because of its high sensitivity, good linearity and low temperature dependence of electrical performances 1). We have been developed the Touch Mode Capacitive Pressure Sensor for a tire pressure monitoring system, which can be implanted in tire rubber through its curing process. The sensor needs high burst pressure greater than 3.5MPa, which is the maximum pressure during the process. The purpose of this work is to find the cause of diaphragm breakage in lower applied pressure, and to obtain the sensors that have the required minimum burst pressure for the tire pressure monitoring system. We especially focused on surface morphology of diaphragm and found that etch-pits on the diaphragm made the strength weak.

Furthermore, the paper gives us info things like characteristics, conditions, pressure sensor, antenna coil, thickness, induced current, temperature dependence, pressure monitoring system, pressure, monitoring system, tire pressure monitoring, minimum burst pressure, and operating range.

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