Troubleshooting for Oxygen Sensor

Lots of discussion related to oxygen, operating temperature, sensor connector, ground, connector, and lightning fuel system are presented in the repair manual. This repair manual presents discussion such as fuel system, signal, voltage, test, code, and pressure.

Inside this repair manual the reader can find things about connection, electronic control, lightning, engine, control, and injectors. The following are chosen from the repair manual:

The DVOM displays the signal from the O2 sensor in volts. This voltage will have an average value tending towards lean, rich or ideal value depending on operating temperature of the engine, engine speed and throttle position. An open/short to voltage or short to ground in the V/GY wire will cause the engine to run rich (short to ground) or lean (short to voltage) until fault is detected. Once fault is detected, vehicle will run in open loop. The engine must be running below 5000 RPM for the ECM to detect an O2 sensor failure.

In addition, this repair manual explains more around air, fuel injectors, oxygen sensor, sensor, and system.

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