TS300 Dual Temperature Sensor from Honeywell

There are lots of info around sensor, temperature sensor, increments, temperature range accuracy, button, alarm, display, temperature, alarm output, selected temperature, monitor temperature, and frequent testing are explained in the manual. The manual presents things such as cable, monitor, probe, power, mode, remote temperature probe, force, regular maintenance, remote probe, range accuracy, and delay time.

In the manual you can learn description regarding delay, output, temperature limit, hysteresis, temperature probe, specifications, centigrade, point, time, setup procedure, remote temperature, and temperature range. These are taken from this manual:

The Honeywell Ademco TS300 is a hardwired temperature monitor able to accurately detect variations in temperature. It can monitor the temperature at the unit and at a remote location (using a T280R) simultaneously. Alarm annunciations include a local piezo sounder and two programmable NO/NC outputs which activate when the mapped high or the low limit(s) is exceeded, protecting equipment, property, and perishable items. The NO/NC alarm outputs may be delayed by increments of one minute to allow for expected momentary temperature variations such as during a refrigeration unit’s defrost cycle. The audible alert, if programmed, sounds when the temperature limit is violated and can be silenced with the press of a button for a programmed duration.

Also, this manual presents information such as local sensor, alarm state, setting, system, switch, press, operation, setup, range, alarm system, and alarm delay.

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