TSic™ 506F/503F/501F: A High Precision, Longterm Stable Temperature Sensor IC

There are many information like precision, supply voltage, temperature measurement, voltage, specific, long term stability, output, longterm stable temperature, and output signal are described inside this product guide. In the product guide we can find explanation like applications, longterm, temperature range, temperature sensor, stability, measurement range, power, information, and range.

The product guide gives us things about stable temperature, temperature, signal, supply current, low power consumption, temperature limit, load, ratiometric output, and measurement. Here are chosen from the product guide:

The TSic™ series of temperature sensor ICs are specifically designed as a low-power solution for temperature measurement in building automation, medical/pharma technologies, industrial and mobile applications. The TSic™ provides a simple temperature measurement and achieves outstanding accuracy combined with long term stability. The TSic™ has a high precision bandgap reference with a PTAT (proportional-to-absolute-temperature) output, a low-power and high-precision ADC and an on-chip DSP core with an EEPROM for the precisely calibrated output signal. The TSic™ temperature sensor is fully calibrated, meaning no further calibration effort is required by the customer.

In addition, this product guide contains info things like specific calibrations, supply, accuracy, high precision, calibration, sensor, power consumption, and stable temperature sensor.

Download TSic™ 506F/503F/501F: A High Precision, Longterm Stable Temperature Sensor IC pdf
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