TSL2550 Ambient Light Sensor WITH SMBus INTERFACE

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The TSL2550 is designed for use with broad wavelength light sources. One of the photodiodes (channel 0) is sensitive to visible and infrared light, while the second photodiode (channel 1) is sensitive primarily to infrared light. An integrating ADC converts the photodiode currents to channel 0 and channel 1 digital outputs. Channel 1 digital output is used to compensate for the effect of the infrared component of ambient light on channel 0 digital output. The ADC digital outputs of the two channels are used to obtain a value that approximates the human eye response in the commonly used unit of Lux. This device is intended primarily for use in applications in which measurement of ambient light is used to control display backlighting such as laptop computers, PDAs, camcorders, and GPS systems.

Also, the product information explains info about command, slave, interface, value, standard mode, responsivity, command register, digital outputs, photodiode current, infrared light, stop condition, conversion, byte protocol, chord value, supply, power, byte, advanced optoelectronic, standard range, and dynamic range.

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