Tutorial About How to Check Out an EGR Valve

In this tutorial you can learn things such as installation, sensors, pressure, and the oxygen sensor. Many discussion related to oxygen sensors, oxygen sensor, and performance are explained inside the tutorial.

This tutorial contains things regarding systems, sensor, and engine control systems. These are some excerpt from this tutorial:

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the TOMCO team, and the first issue of Tomco Tech Tips. I’m Coach Fix-It, and my mission is to provide you with information that will be useful to you every day of your work week. I’ll be pulling information from the players at Tomco. We will be sticking pretty close to our own area of expertise, fuel system products and engine performance controls. But, as you know, these two lines of products cover a lot of territory – which is one of the reasons why “tune-ups aren’t just points and plugs anymore.” There are as many as 32 sensors and heat or pressure-activated valves or switches used on today’s engines.

In addition, this tutorial explains info around oxygen, control systems, and an oxygen sensor.

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