Tutorial About Intellegent Current Sensor -500..+500mA

Inside this tutorial we can read information like current sensor, interface, intelligent sensors, supply voltage, and output voltage. Lots of information about input current, intelligent sensor, calibration, and range are presented inside the tutorial.

This tutorial contains info like sensor, circuits, the default calibration, the intelligent sensors, and electrical circuits. Here are some excerpt from this tutorial:

b=-0.47 3 Technical data Input current range ± 500 mA Output voltage range ±7V Sensitivity 12.8 V/A Resolution using 12 bits A/D converter 0.38 mA Calibration function Iin (mA) = 78.125 * Vout (V) – 0.47 Probe resistance2 typical 1.3 Ω Input impedance to ground each terminal 400 kΩ Input offset current error typical ± 0.8 mA Common mode input voltage error typical 0.15 mA/V (0 – 500 Hz) Non-linearity < 0.001 % Slew rate 3 V/µs (maximum output voltage variation) Bandwidth (small signal) 120 kHz (-3dB) Maximum differential input voltage Maximum common-mode input voltage ± 50 V (max.

Also, this tutorial contains more about output, measurem30ents, the current sensor, and interfaces.

Download Tutorial About Intellegent Current Sensor -500..+500mA pdf
File size: 0.254 MB, number of pages: 8, download server: cma-science.nl
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