Tutorial About Temperature Sensors-Section 6

Inside this tutorial the reader can learn info about measurement, temperature ranges, instrumentation amplifier, thermocouples, temperature sensors, sensors, temperature range, temperature, and temperature measurement. There are many explanation such as thermocouple, circuit, temperature measurements, compensation, error, ambient temperature, the signal conditioning, circuits, and signal conditioning circuitry are described inside the tutorial.

This tutorial gives you info like sensor, power dissipation, range, temperature sensor, conditioning circuitry, thermocouple output, the sensor output, output, and conditioning. Below are taken from the tutorial:

Measurement of temperature is critical in modern electronic devices, especially expensive laptop computers and other portable devices with densely packed circuits which dissipate considerable power in the form of heat. Knowledge of system temperature can also be used to control battery charging as well as prevent damage to expensive microprocessors. Compact high power portable equipment often has fan cooling to maintain junction temperatures at proper levels. In order to conserve battery life, the fan should only operate when necessary. Accurate control of the fan requires a knowledge of critical temperatures from the appropriate temperature sensor.

Even more, the tutorial tells you information such as thermistor, serial interface, applications, temperature sensors, semiconductor temperature sensors, linearity, output sensors, and accuracy.

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