Tutorial about Vehicle Speed Sensor

There are many info such as electric speedometers, the reluctor ring, speed sensors, vehicle speed, pulse speed sensor, and signal are described in this tutorial. The tutorial gives the reader explanation regarding pulse, vehicle speed sensors, speedometer, transmission output, and speedometers.

In this tutorial the reader can read explanation about transmission, sensor, speed sensor, reluctor, reluctor ring, and conversions. The following are taken from the tutorial:

efore Stealth Conversions began offering aftermarket vehicle speed sensors for engine swaps (in 1991), the biggest obstacle for most people who installed the TPI/TBI engines into their vehicles was the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor). Some aftermarket wiring harnesses don’t use a VSS—they simply ground the P/N (Park/Neutral) wire so that the ECM always thinks the vehicle is in park. If they didn’t ground the P/N wire, the “Check Engine” light would always be turned on. Because of the importance of the vehicle speed sensor, we cannot recommend these harnesses.

In addition, the tutorial contains information things like transmission tunnel, applications, speedometer gear, the speed sensor, and vehicle speed sensor.

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