Tutorial for 1-4 Wires Narrow Band O2 Sensor Adjustment

Inside this tutorial we can learn information regarding sensor, and sensor adjustment. This tutorial contains discussion like oxygen, and oxygen sensor.

Many things such as signal, and the adjustment voltage are described in this tutorial. Below are some excerpt from the tutorial:

Page 1 Page 3 Page 3 Page 3 1-4 wires narrow band O2 sensor adjustment. If you need to adjust the range, connect minus of your multi-meter to the “Ground” (you can use a screw #3 in the picture below) and plus of your multi-meter to “Adjustment Voltage” test pin (screw #7 in the picture below) of the DEFIE while making these adjustments. Measurements: • Adjustment Voltage – minus of Multi-meter to a screw #3, plus of Multimeter to screw #7. I recommend beginning with 2.8 Volts of the adjustment voltage if your signal wire is 3 Volts.

Even more, this tutorial tells us discussion around o2 sensor adjustment, and the oxygen sensor.

Download Tutorial for 1-4 Wires Narrow Band O2 Sensor Adjustment pdf
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