Tutorial for Light/Dark Sensor

Many discussion about sensor, sensor circuit, and light sensor circuit are described in this tutorial. Inside the tutorial you can learn explanation about the light sensor, and ldr.

The tutorial contains explanation like light sensor, and dark sensor. Below are grabbed from the tutorial:

LIGHT / DARK SENSORS V.Ryan © 2000 – 2008 On behalf of The World Association of Technology Teachers W.A.T.T. Typical LDRs in school circuits can reach 1000 000 ohms in value. When it is light what happens to the resistance of a typical LDR? When an LDR detects light or dark how long does it take for its resistance to change? LIGHT SENSOR DARK SENSOR 9v 9v LDR TRANSISTORS TRANSISTORS PRESET RESISTOR LED LED 0v 0v 13. In the space below draw a circuit that includes an LDR and explain the circuits function.

Furthermore, the tutorial contains info around circuit, and light.

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