Tutorial for Selecting The Right Infrared Temperature Sensor

Inside the tutorial the reader can find information related to sensor, wavelength, temperature, temperature data, temperature sensors, digital output, infrared temperature sensors, the temperature range, and infrared temperature. The tutorial contains discussion around temperature measurement, temperature sensor, smart temperature sensors, optical, smart sensors, applications, infrared temperature sensor, and infrared temperature measurement.

Lots of discussion around measurement, thermocouple, infrared, systems, installation, infrared sensors, emissivity, and optical resolution are presented inside this tutorial. Here are taken from this tutorial:

TEMPERATURE 48 June 1998 • In Tech Selecting the right infrared temperature sensor 1000¡ 10¡ cess? Incorrect Sensor Target greater Target equal Target smaller than spot size to spot size than spot size Background TEMPERATURE 50 June 1998 • In Tech instruments, where temperature is determined from the ratio of the radiated energies in two separate wavelength bands, are a good choice when targets are very small or moving in and out of the field of view. Fast response time Infrared temperature sensors reach 95% of the final temperature reading—a common definition of response time—much faster than contact temperature sensors (e.g., thermocouples).

In addition, the tutorial presents info regarding calibration, temperature applications, resolution, instrument, monitoring, temperature range, ambient temperature, and signal.

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